Guerrilla Gardeners of all ages launched a campaign for Blackrock Tidy Towns, championing the rights of bees and butterflies. The goal of the campaign is to make bees and butterflies feel at home in Blackrock, County Louth. To this end, an educational garden was planted at the site of an unused house, located in the centre of the village. This small house has a front garden which is both highly visible to local residents and located across from a busy shopping area. There is now a cottage garden planted in front of the house, with a variety of traditional flowers such as foxgloves, peonies, hollyhocks, sunflowers, lupins, hydrangeas, wallflowers, and geraniums.

The merry band of guerrillas were composed of Tidy Towns volunteers, their grandchildren, familiesĀ involved in the development of the Blackrock Playground, and local residents passing by on the day. To promote the feeding of bees and butterflies, envelopes with wildflower seeds were passed out to local people. Blackrock Tidy Towns is hoping every resident of the village will make butterflies feel at home, by feeding them a buffet of cottage garden flowers, wild flowers, and flowering shrubs.

The launch of the campaign to befriend bees and butterflies, coincided with the International Day of Biological Diversity. The guerrilla gardeners were also celebrating the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity Between Generations. Biodiversity can easily be enhanced through planting flowers which contain supplies of nectar and pollen. Rather than bedding plants, drifts of colourful herbaceous flowers, herbs, flowering native trees and decorative shrubs, add to the naturescape of Blackrock. Mixed with wildflowers, such gardens are a pleasure to admire, and include within the thoroughfares of village life.