Animal Architecture

November 14, 2014


Animal Architecture by Ingo Arndt, Jürgen Tautz, Jim Brandenburg, is a stunning book displaying the habitats of animals from around the world. The intricacy, patterns and textures of animal and insect territories are evocative and captivating. The complex weave of dwelling spaces, the tracings of movement across tree trunks, and the use of fragile materials to create density are all depicted in their full splendor within this book. The spatial dimensions created by insects are particularly astonishing to behold.

Foremost, the book stimulates human captivation and imagination. It is a guidebook on how to approach using natural materials to generate sculptural forms that are specifically engineered habitats. It perplexes the human mind to consider how these built environments of animals are constructed. Collectively their intrigue fascinates and makes the reader re-connect with the possibilities of materials found in their own nearby landscapes, that can evoke ideas of shelter.


ANIMAL ARCHITECTURE, book out April 2014 042.jpg


Wasp Nest

Indonesian Vogelkop Bowerbird Stick Tower Nests

Grey Bowerbird Nest, Australia







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