The Impossible Forest, Jared Gradinger

September 4, 2016


The Impossible Forest was presented at Tanznacht Berlin (a dance and performance festival, by Jared Gradinger ( The theme of Tanznacht Berlin 2016 was companionship. In this particular performance companionship was associated with nature, physical actions, folk traditions, and the art of walking. Gradinger constructed a temporary forest composed of decaying trees with abundant undergrowth. A central path was created in the centre of the Impossible Forest to facilitate barefoot walking, reflections and a recital by children. The forest was a living entity despite the impossibility of its asphalt foundations. It offered an invitation to consider the potential of overcoming difficult circumstances in order to cultivate companionship to imagination and hope. Within this concise and immersive environment, people came together as companions. Nature took centre stage and invited movement along a path that became a guideline for choreography and mutual enchantment.


An ‘impossible forest’ took root in a asphalt courtyard. Joseph Gradinger created a shared space for development in collaboration with nature and the extended community. With its dead trees and growing plants, the garden constituted a social choreography. This new space offered an encounter between humans and nature, directing attention to the cycle of blossoming and decay. (Tanznacht Berlin, Jared Gradinger, Artist Statement)


The installation although transitional, attracted pollinating insects and had the appearance of a long lived ecological habitat. There was an abundance of blossoming herbal and wild plants in contrast to the bareness of the trees. The trees, although seemingly lifeless, were in themselves transposing offering a habitat for insects and compositions of plants taking root in their deterioration.

Artist Jared Gradinger is a Berlin based multi-disciplinary artist, invested in continuing to explore and search for new forms of collaborations with choreographers, visual artists, children and nature. Since 2009 he has been working with Angela Schubot on the topic of de-bordering the body and searching for new forms of co-existence. His latest research involves developing a co-creative, artistic relationship with nature in the form of gardens and other social artistic practices. (Tanznacht Berlin Programme, Jared Gradinger Biography)



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