Coolmine Woodland Hug

June 17, 2018


Photo: The Coolmine Woodland Hug at the 2018 Bloom Garden Festival Ireland.

“I went out to the hazel wood, because a fire was in my head” The Song of Wandering Aengus by William Butler Yeats

The Woodland Hug

“Today’s world is a frantic, demanding place with constant information overload and stress. Step into our Coolmine Woodland Hug to escape it all for a few blissful minutes. Let a canopy of birch, alder and hazel trees envelop you as you breathe in clean air and let the gentle movement of the wind through the trees be the only sound you hear”


“Coolmine is a national recovery community in Ireland that has been providing rehabilitation services for 45 years. Through therapeutic intervention services we overcome addiction and support the recovery of those affected by addiction. One of these services is our Recovery through Nature programme which sees our clients actively giving back to their communities by working together on various conservation projects. Through this programme our clients learn horticultural and mindfulness skills that they’ll used for their recovery”.

Quotations from Coolmine Bloom Garden Festival Brochure 2018

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